Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Logo's and Banner's

Alon B
Considering all things, I wanted a logo I thought this would look nice and so I started on it, I find myself being more of a black and white type of person,
So I did the logo that way I altered it slightly for 2017

Quick tablet trial.

B.Alon Brown

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Lion and The Witch

Alon B

My adventures with water colors started off very slowly and quickly expanded to a broad range of color everywhere.
This year I delve, more into color than I ever have in my life, I started when I was bored 4-7 grade summers, with nothing to do but learn to do "something"
I learned to code html one yr, make apps, draw, ..... 
drawing is what stuck to me, Writing is always mandatory growing up 
but the things they dont teach you in school I learned on the internet,
and yes Drawign was one, I remember my first art set, my Grandma bought me one year,
Between art and music my parents apllauded me 
Little did I know, it was a long journey to where I actually wanted to be
and from where I was back then.

I love drawing conceptual images, using imagery and realism to tell a story gives it a very surreal vibe, It took me two hours for the black and white and more time for the colors, but I like it a lot after I finished it
I end up using marker as a finisher on it.

B.Alon Brown

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Character Development

Alon B
They key is proportions in theory it is      

an easy thing to say but doing it, is different, people draw with rulers 
to help with their dimensions, once you have done it long enough 
you wont need the rulers, it then becomes a habbit, but starting off??
I'm not going to lie to you, artist mentality is live above the law and out side the rules, because we think outside the box, but truly, Art has rules as well, if you want to round yourself out practice at least 30 minutes a day with a ruler and you will see a lot, you may even began 2d and 3d perspective drawings by yourself, which for me was a hard concept to master when you are self taught, 
Realism and photography both help master the concept, but actually 
"wash , rinse, and repeating,"
will help you master this quicker,
Once you got the lines down everything else is a piece of cake!!

Enviroment and perspective are importand factors to character development, simply because the development part, is the personality of the figure, what are they like?, What do they do, where do they go?
Pictures should answer these questions,
it doesn't matter how, because no one can see the mind of an artist until it's on the paper, so make sure it's clear, concise, cohesive, use rules, 
it's for the eye of the beholder.!
B.Alon Brown

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